We create a space where your emotional, spiritual,
and mental state is meant to be healed.

Vastu Sastra is an ancient architectural science, which creates positive confluence between cosmic breath and personal breath.


Vastu Interiors



Vastu Tantra Course

A wishfulfilling Pond


Journey to the Eight Directions

The Eight Direction are spirits,advisors wise in the ways of the world

Individual Astro Vastu

Your house is the reflection of your personal horoscope chart

Vastu for Relationship

Everything in this Universe is related to the Sacred geometry, including love

Vastu for Health

Yoga,Ayurveda,Astrology,Sangit and Vastu are five brances of oriental science, deeply connected with eachother

Vastu for business

Use sacred geometry tools to attract abundance.

Vastu Design

Form and function should beone, joined in the spiritual union.

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How it works

•. Astro Vastu consultation

• Vastu for a relationship, business, health

• Full consultation

• How to pick the right one…

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