Architectural Vastu

изгибая лестница


Vastu knowledge descended to us through the mercy of 18 Maharishis.

But unfortunately, due to commercialization, it has got corrupted and misinterpreted. As a result, people assume to leave in Vastu homes, but in fact, those homes are full of flaws.

This has created big mistrust in the mind of  common man.

Our mission is to restore this Divine science by following the exact methods of traditional Vastu Shastra described in Sanskrit text.

Sahasra Mahavastu 35 years of expirience in structural ingineering.

Современный Белый дом


Our vision is to create a blend of ancient and modern, following the exact principles of Vastu Shastra. We present it to the contemporary world in a comprehensive way, using modern technologies and design trends.

Our intent is to spread Vastu knowledge in the world introducing Vastu to different architectural cultures, by creating a confluence of East and West.


One family house individual design


We design individual Houses according your requirments and destiny where your horoscope chart is our guide.

We ensure that the aesthetic qualities of architecture become integral to Vastu tenets.

We reconstruct already existing propriety according to Vastu tenets.

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Our projects

We will provide you with a full set of 3D color drawings, based on your requirements. This can be amended until you are completely happy.

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Multi-Family Houses.

Initial design and consultation

Planning applications

Building regs

Technical specification


Contract administration

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We can do as much or as little you require.

In whatever you are looking for an extension, a bespoke loft conversion, a property remodel or a complete new build.

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Our experts in Vastu  Interiors Design will take care of your comfortable stay.

We look at all our projects in a holistic way and make our clients feel like they are at the heart of all decisions throughout the design process.