Hello, dear!

You know that you are the embodiment of the Divine Light, a unique soul with a unique porpoise.

 We want to help you to unveil this light within you.

By sharing your story with us, the transformation begins through the unique AstroVastu concept, which is the combination of the individual review of your horoscope chat, Vastu numerology grid, and your Vastu house map.

From the outcome of this personal analysis and discussion of the areas in your life, which require healing and support, we offer the individual solution.

Your birth chart, numerology of your birth date and name are the reflections of your living space, which help us to uncover the information required to create a perfectly balanced space in your life.  

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Astonomical часы

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Calm Woman

Individual Vastu



When the energy of your residential place is restored into a divine clockwise energy stream, it will start to send healthy powerful vibrations to your subconscious mind and in this way the transformation will occur. This is the Myth of ancient science.

To help you to go through this process, you are going to receive a particular method of breathing techniques, mantras and rituals, which will support the healing process.

We are going to assist you during this time of change, by preforming individual prayer on your behalf.  The Temple Pandits in India can perform a special sacred ceremony. 

Hang in there