Vastu Interiors Makeover

Vastu Interiors workshop is a wonderful blend
of ancient and modern,
East and West flowing in one stream,
which is going to carry you towards bliss and prosperity.


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You are going to learn

How to reduce voids and create spaces.

The mysterious  codes of sacred geometry in correlation with

interior design and its impact on one’s fortune.




The flow of cosmic energy in the living space and

its influence on daily events.



Understanding the way shape of the house, of each direction,

programs one’s subconscious mind.

Reprogramming one’s destiny through  the

rectification of the related zones in the house by activation

of the energy points.


Introduction to 45 Deities in the house, which are the

energy channels, connected to those in one’s body.

Reducing voids and creating spaces through the

polarisation of the energy.



Realignment of the interiors with

cosmic order.


Contemporary design trends, styling tips from pro designers.