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Whether you are looking to avail Vastu consultation for your existing property or you need guidance to buy a new one, we have the solutions for all of your needs.



Through the Universal language of numbers, astrological analyse and personal discussion, we can uncover information, which can reveal a lot about your life situation as a whole, as well as about your living space. 

Through this holistic approach, we are going to work out a set of AstroVastu remedies, which will help you to understand balance and heal the most critical areas of your life.

Please contact us for more information.


After receiving your request with the short description of your requirements, date, time and place of birth, the full name and the payment of 90 US dollars, we are going to start our work. 

In 2-3 days, we are going to set a WhatsApp call, during which we are going to discuss the analysis made by us, comparing it with your real-life situation. 

After that, you will receive an email from us, containing full remedial description for the disturbed areas of your house, as well as the practical advise such as mantras, breathing techniques or rituals, based on our analysis of your horoscope chart, which is going to help you to transform the subconscious mind patterns.

Stay safe, stay well.



 Full consultation covers all areas of your residential place together with the plot. Through the knowledge of Vastushastra, numerology and Vedic astrology, we are going to analyse and balance each sphere of your life.


Once we receive your mail with a request, a short description of the most critical questions you expect to be clarified, description of your property, mentioning the number of residents of the house and their birth dates, we are going to review the details.

After that, we are going to calculate the cost of the consultation, which will depend on the size of the property and the number of people leaving in it. The minimum fee is 200 dollars.


As soon as we receive the payment along with the floor plan with an exact indication of the north point, the address and picture of your living place, we are going to work on your Vastuproject, which is going to take 3-5 working days.

We then set up WhatsApp or Skype call, where we will report in comprehensive mode the exact implement for your Vastu home.




A beautiful designed coloured Vastu floor plan with an indication of all chakra energy points.

Written remedial suggestions:

 Plan with proper arrangements of furniture, beds, wardrobes, etc;

 A concept board with recommendation of colour schemes for wall paints and upholstery for each room;

An advanced offer in the form of 3 D Max visualisation design for your living space (on request) ; 

Suggestions on not only how to increase the energy in your home, but for your personal development and goal achievement;

An advice, based on your personal horoscope chart, analysis on the past and present life purpose, breathing techniques, mantras and rituals.




If you seek improvement in one of these fields, we are ready to guide you towards the realisation of your desired goals. 

You are going to receive a full set of AstroVastu remedies along with rituals, which will help you to achieve your dreams.

All we need is your request on the particular theme, along with the floor plane of your house, office, birth date details, time and place of birth, pictures of your living space with an indication of the north point and exact address.

Soon after we have received your request, we are going to calculate the price which is going to depend on the size of the property.  

The minimum fee is 200 dollars.

After receiving the amount, we are going to work on your project for 3-5 working days. 

Via Skype video call, we will explain the implement of Vastu corrections and the performance of particular Vastu rituals, along with our Astro prognosis.

You can do this!



 Once we complete the online Vastu consultation process by sending you the report and explaining everything in details to you, our job doesn’t end there.

Should you need any further assistance, we will be in constant touch and follow up with you to assess updates on Vastu implementations.

Remember, we are here not just to build a business, but create a lasting relationship with you.