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Vastu Design

Many people assume that Vastu Shastra is only concerned about the design and construction aspects of a property. However, the truth is that it is similarly relevant to the interior décor of homes.

Even if your house is built up based on Vastu criteria, but you have disregarded Vastu for interiors,  it can cause the blockages of the energy in the overall Vastu of that property. 

Interiors inspired by Vastu picture a deep understanding of different zones, emitting positive and negative vibes. The experts point out that interior décor elements like the colour of the wall and positioning of the furniture are some of the prime concerns.


This has to be applied by the elements and directions, and according to the planetary position of the horoscope chart of the residents.  Any designer’s goal is to achieve harmony through certain rules of composition, such as repetition of colours, shapes and textures. 


Vastu design goes much deeper through balancing colours and shapes with the elements, planets, and your individual characteristics, which creates a healthy energy flow. 

In some cases, the shifting of the structure is advisable.

Our designers will give you practical and customized solution on this matter.