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Vastu for Relationship

 You will be surprised to KNOW that  YOU HAVE THE Potential to safeguard YOUR Dearest Relationships Just BY REPROGRAMMING YOUR living  SPACE.

Sounds intriguing, isn't it...?

Particular Elements imbalance in the house can create an adverse circumstance which can result in a negative cycle of anger, bitterness and depression among family members.


 In particular, the West zone is responsible for the harmony in the relationships of any kind. If this zone has faults, it creates a negative flux, which is going to poison your mind with suspicious ideas, low self-esteem and discontent. That will affect your relationship, causing separation and loneliness.  Through reprogramming of your surrounding into a positive light field, it is automatically going to transform the perception of your subconscious mind on a very subtle level, allowing you to see your loved ones in a new light.

Thanks to ancient science, you can develop lasting relations ever and maintain the existing ones.

However, according to Vastu, each zone in the house stands for a particular family member. For example, North represents female residents, especially the mother, East and South East portrays a young man, South stands for our ancestors and elders in the house, South West belongs to the Head of the house, and North West is reserved for young ladies.

To create a peaceful atmosphere, we have to harmonise these areas with each other.


If you want to find a harmonious relationship, first you have to do is to create a balance not only within yourself, but in your environment as well.

According to Vastu, three directions are responsible for the successful partnership andmarriage in your life. Those are South West, South East and North West.

South West is a zone of romance and relationship. If this area is missing or disrupted by the WC, kitchen or any other anti element, it will reduce the chances to find the beloved soul. 

South East is the Fire Zone, which should be considered as a sacred Fire that binds two people in marriage. In case if this part of your residence has a cut, entry, WC or bathroom, the fire element regarded to be disturbed. This fact can discontinue the relationship.

North West direction will provide you with a clear vision regarding your wishes. That is why Vastu Shastra advises to keep this area free of clutter.  North direction is considered to be the Eye of wisdom, whereas North West stands for feminine beauty and sexuality. A lady thatwants to get married has to place her bedroom in the North West, or in the West as a second option.

As an implement, a pair of love birds and a romantic pic can be placed in the South-West zone, while avoiding sleeping in the South East, South West.


Certain rituals can help to channelize your intention of meeting the ideal partner. 

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"Traditionally, the South, SW, W are governed by Surya Pin gala Nadi Sun streams. These are hard and cruel in effect. Any house that gets encroached by these streams experiences death, destruction, demolition and discontinuity".

Dr N. Sahasrsbuddhe